Ovulation on first high opk reading?

Ok maybe someone can help. I've been using clearblue digital opks for about 4 months now and when I use them I've only gotten 1 peak reading in one month. All other times I've only had high readings in the other months no peak. This cycle I had a high reading for 2 days and then we were out of town for the weekend so I did not test. For the last 2 days I've felt nauseated and today I basically slept the whole day away! I am so unbearably tired and have no energy! I haven't felt like this since I was pregnant with my son. May 30th was my 1st high opk reading for the cycle. I'm wondering if I ovulated on that day or the following day by chance and now I'd be 8-9 dpo and exhibiting symptoms from implantation. Any thoughts??!