When did you start looking pregnant to other people?

When I look in the mirror, sometimesI feel like I look pregnant but other times I just look fat. I think I just look fat to other people...or they wonder if I actually am pregnant or just have a round belly.. I’ll be 22 weeks on Thursday. I’m a first time mom & I guess I’m just wondering when I will actually look pregnant to others.

I must admit that I have always struggle with body image issues. Pregnancy has brought out the worst in me. Before pregnancy, I used to worry that my clothes made me look pregnant (I was actually asked if I was pregnant back in my teen years & I definitely wasn’t but it’s been a big issue for me every since). Now I worry that I look fat & not pregnant! I just can’t win for losing.

I feel so terrible for even feeling this way. I’ve tried for many, many years to have a baby and am so grateful to finally be pregnant. But at the same time, I feel like i am not even enjoying this pregnancy due to my body image issues (and worry and anxiety over the health of my child). Please someone tell me I’m not the only one out there feeling like this: