Advice? doing very bad mentally.

Has anyone went through their Bf/ Husband/ Baby Dad saying very rude and hurtful things? Together or not..? Being young and pregnant is already really stressful enough but my baby’s father has said such terrible things to me all because i am worried about him being around for his daughter. We were on good terms but he started being so mean to me ever since i asked him how much he had saved because i wanted to go buy our daughter a car seat. mind you we were perfectly fine before this and he is the one who told me he was putting away 100$ a week out of his paychecks for our daughter so we could make sure she had everything she needed. He then told me

it didn’t matter and if i wanted to go buy her shit to get a job and do it myself (which i can’t bc i am on bed rest) and will be giving birth in two months) Come to find out he had told my dad he only has 200$ saved for her when he told me he’s been putting 100 away since the beginning of may and he gets paid every single week. I understand he is stressed out but some of the things he’s recently said to me absolutely break my heart. calling me vulgar names telling me i’ll be a worthless mom and even saying he’s going to take my daughter from me because “i don’t have a job” It’s so hurtful knowing someone i once loved with all my heart and thought i’d marry could be this way to me even while carrying his child. I’m so thankful to have my parents support and they’ve already made it well aware to me that my daughter will never go without if he doesn’t step up but i’m seriously so hurt.. has anyone else experienced this? How did you cope. Him and i we’re together for years it feels like i’ve lost a part of me and now my daughter is going to have to suffer from all of this. ☹️ I just wish things were different for my daughters sake.

also want to add that he lives at home still and doesn’t have to pay ANY bills. He spends 90% of his money on weed, cigarettes and food every week so it’s not like he has any bills he is forced to pay.