Anywhere I can share a pic of my vulva for opinions?

Like many women, I’m paranoid about my vulva. I’ve seen lots of pictures on those sites that try to reassure you, but I have lots of scarring from episiotomies and tearing and I’ve not seen one like mine. I’ve been married for 15 years and still can’t bear my husband looking at it, which means I tense up in certain situations and don’t enjoy them. I just want honest opinions from men. Or straight men. Or bi or gay women. Or anyone who gets aroused by vulvas I guess. I just want to know if when you see it, it’s like eww gross, or is it bearable. Please don’t comment things like “if your husband loves you why does it matter” or “every body is different”. I know this. I just really want an opinion from someone who isn’t obligated to please me.