I’m really falling hard for my brothers best friend advice please!!!


FIRST OF ALL. I would never go behind my brothers back about any of this, if this would turn into a thing I would tell him about it and ask him about it first! If he tells me no, then I respect his decision! So 🤕 for the longest time I’ve thought my brother’s best friend (A) was cute, but his “lone wolf” personality made other people see him as sort of a dick I guess. Recent situations though have shown me that he’s really a good guy; the day my grandmother died he paid for my brothers and i’s breakfast unexpectedly and acted as if it was nothing and he lets me use his gym equipment that only he and his buddies use. Now I go there to work out and he’ll be there shirtless and I’d want to actually die. The thing is, we both are introverted people (who people assume things about, I can relate to him SO hard), and I’m too shy to talk to him. My mother has made jokes in the past of my brother setting us up because A apparently scares all the girls away because he doesn’t know how to treat them like girls instead of guys. At a recent grad party, he was hitting volleyball spikes super hard at me multiple times to the point somebody even asked if he was trying to kill me. The thing is, he’s a volley ball player and should know how to aim 🤔 my friends said maybe it was the good ol “he’s picking on you because he thinks you’re cute” but honestly idk. I just need advice!!! Please!! Anything helps!

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