Would you choose a pediatrician for your baby if you were his full time nanny for 2.5 years?


I know I have some time to decide but wondering if anyone has opinions. I nannied for a pediatrician for 2 years, full time 50 hours a week, was super close with family- did everything for them- a lot more than just childcare. We ended on fine terms but youngest 2 kids went to daycare and I went to grad school. I don’t talk to that family anymore just due to life. He’s probably the best pediatrician in our area- people love him (I used to get stopped all the time and people would tell me stories etc of how they loved him) my SIL uses him for my niece too. I’m 90% sure I want to use him, especially since I want a pediatrician who he won’t treat me as a complete first time mom since he knows I’ve been a full time nanny for infants and toddlers for 10 years. I guess my question is it weird I used to be so close with his family and not anymore. I went on multiple vacations with them, cleaned their house, did their laundry, did the grocery shopping and loved and cared for their 4 kids. I know so much about his life, nothing horrible just more than one would typically about their provider. Do you think it would be uncomfortable for him? I’ll take any advice.