She's going to be THAT grandmother.

Ugh. So today my boyfriend, my daughter and I happen to end up at Carters and they were having a really good sale. So I let my daughter pick out her and her soon to be sisters Christmas dresses. They aren't super Christmassy, but they are really dressy and they match and we found hair bows to match. (Hopefully she has hair but if not oh well) So when we get home bf's mother asked him to send him a pic. He took one of my daughter holding both dresses. She said it was really cute. Literally 20 minutes later she messaged him asking if she could get a holiday dress for her house. I nearly cried I was and still am so hurt and mad. I've never told bf to tell his mom no about stuff for our baby. I mean it's her first grandchild but to me that's crossing a line. She's been very snarky and judgmental about a lot of things lately especially the baby shower my best friend gave us and she was invited to help if she wanted and never did but then acted as if she was never even asked. Either way I told him that was silly. I'm not changing her when we get to her house for Christmas. I don't care. That's stupid and it will also be hurtful to my daughter who is 6 so she'll notice and and will be old enough to question it.  End of my rant. I don't even care if I'm perceived as being silly.