Sick with bronchitis? at 24 weeks


So my husband and I went to visit my sister a week and a half ago and my brother in law was sick with a bad cold. Both my sister and husband came down with the same symptoms shortly after. Starting last Wednesday I started to not feel great and figured I was coming down with it also, but a few days went by and my symptoms never really progressed until this past Sunday night where I was up all night coughing my head off and same thing again last night. I am thinking it has turned into bronchitis as I have gotten it every year for the last couple of years unfortunately. I usually get viral bronchitis and so the doctor typically tells me there is no medication other then what you can buy over the counter at a drug store, lots of fluids and rest. I called out of work sick today to give my body a full day to rest, but I am 24 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. It is my first baby and every time I have coughing attack I feel terrible for my poor baby. Any suggestions on what I can do naturally since most medications aren’t an option? Desperate for any advice! Thank you in advance 🥰