Loving someone else's child?


So I recently started working at a kindergarten, and have made great connections with many of the children. ( I'm only 15) I found the girls to be very clingy and hard to make them understand that I don't want to play and they can't keep pulling me around the place. For that reason I play with all the little boys while the other girl my age plays with the girls. I have grown very very fond of a like boy named Henry. He's is absolutely the most amazingly bright and happiest child I've met in a long time. He is very friendly to the other children and shares his toys, he's is also very intelligent for his age. When he sits down at the table to eat his lunch I always notice him looking at me and than smiles and waves (he truly is the MOST adorable child I've ever met, we look quite similar 😂) but one thing I wonder is if it's possible to love someone else's child, I would go to the extreme to keep him as well as all the children safe, however I truly do care for this little boy. Please tell me your opinions on this and no I'm not a creep because I love this little boy in case you're trying to be funny but is it possible I love someone else's child and how can I stop cause as much as I want to continue these feelings I feel it won't be good for me when I leave and feel empty without him.