Did anyone else experience symptoms a lot faster with your second baby? My first child I knew I was pregnant at 5 weeks because I was so nauseous and waking up to pee every night which was abnormal. Now I’m 3 weeks post period and I have had those same symptoms the last couple days. Waking up to pee a lot and being violently nauseous. I’ve always slept through the night without needing to get up, except when I was pregnant. My last “period” was 3 weeks ago but it was extremely light and I barely had anything until day “6” then it stopped which is also weird because mine are usually so bad I have to change products every 2 hours or so. Am I just imagining things or has anyone else been through this? I’m sure its too early for a test just trying not to get myself worked up. I did test about 10 days ago out of curiosity and it was negative

Edit: can birth control affect a test? I’ve been on the pill but I have missed days or been late past my normal time to take it in the past