My baby results for those interested

For my baby shower we invited about 100 people and about 80 of them showed up, only about 10 rsvp. People kept coming and leaving at different times so that made it hard to play games etc. Only about 6 people bought off the registry, so that really sucked. I received mostly clothes sizes 3-6 and diapers all newborns, a few bath items and few items I actually needed. Tons of blankets about 25. I also got about $400 worth of gift cards and cash. We had the shower at the park and served pupusas, tamales and ceviche, ( we are Mexican 😊) had cupcakes, jello, cake and candy table. I was exhausted by the end of the night but I think it was a success. Got way too many clothes so I will probably return some and some diapers, since I got over 600 in size newborn alone. Having another shower in October so looking forward to that one too! Hopefully they buy off the registry!!!  I tried answering some questions I see most people ask, and that I asked myself before the shower. Here were my results. I had a duck theme!