What could this be?

Hey guys so I'm new to this. I was wondering what it could be. The past month or so I've been noticing pimples and some scabs but not too much around my labia after shaving and before or after my period. I've been worrying a lot about it being gential herpes. When I wear Jean's, my vagina hurts so much. Otherwise it barely hurts. This is my first boyfriend and he is in the military and doesn't have herpes so i always over think cause he cannot have herpes otherwise gets kicked out of the military. I went to the doctor and got tested and results came back normal but I'm always over thinking. I get really bad pains after shaving and the pain comes and goes when it feels. Could this be herpes? If not what could it be and how accurate are blood tests for herpes? Could the test be wrong or am I just over thinking.

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