Pregnant homeless and ready to quit

My husband and I are trying to dig ourselves out of a hole. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and we have a 2 & 4 year old. He started truck driving to support the family better and I'm currently not able to work due to lack of childcare. Last year we weren't doing so great financially and ended up having to leave our apartment. We are paying off the debt we owe which is over $3,000 which I dont even understand because our rent was only $806 and we only missed one month before leaving. Now even though he makes decent money nobody will rent to us until its paid completely off which will take a a long while. Our friends are letting us crash on their living ro floor but the deadline for us to leave their place is fast approaching and we have no choice but to get a hotel. We have no car (we lost it when we fell off last year) and nowhere home for our two kids and our newborn coming soon and nobody literally nobody in Atlanta is willing to work with us! I feel like I cant breathe most days I'm so scared and so stressed. My family doesn't know how bad of a spot we're in. They all think just because hes driving now that we're doing great! I cant bring myself to tell them. I'm scared having a hotl will fall through I mean it's like $300 a week plus our other expenses! I'm so stressed and overwhelmed I cant take it. Idk when we'll be able to even begin preparing for our baby because of trying to pay this crap off we have no help. We've been trying to get ourselves together for so long and as soon as we get better we fall back down and I know we're young (20 & 24) but it feels like we're failing at life! And before you say (you shouldnt have gotten knocked up again, we had no clue it would happen I was told it would be nearly impossible for me to conceive again so it wasnt planned) I just honestly cant take it anymore I wanted to start nursing school this year I wanted to start working towards my career to help better our family and now we're homeless with nothing and nothing looking up. Some days I want to go back to cutting but I'm afraid because I know my doctor will see it and I dont want them to take my baby. I dont want to kill myself but I cant help but to think about it. I know some people have it way harder but for me it's like I cant take it anymore. My mom put me out at 16 and I've been house hoping and trying to get myself together ever since. The only time we were stable enough to keep a place for a full year was 2 years ago. Since then everything has been uncertain. We cant afford to have this debt paid until like maybe the beginning of next year sometime because money is so tight. I feel like we're drowning no matter how hard we try. This was a super long post and a rant and I'm sorry. I cant really talk to anyone about it so I decided to just type it. Thanks for reading if you made it all the way down here 💜