brb, my heart is melting 😭😭

Lindsey • 24 | married to my best friend 💍 | baby #1 coming December 2019 💕🤰🏼

I’m not far enough along to have a huge bump yet, but the little bump I do have is adorable. & my husband is obsessed with my pregnant belly! He says I’ve never looked more beautiful in his eyes. Which is amazing to hear bc I was so worried about how he’d feel once my body started changing 🥰🤰🏼✨

We’ve known each other for 8 years, been together for 7. & just got married last September 💜 We tried for months before getting pregnant with our first bundle of joy, so we are so thankful for her. We found out through the genetic testing we’re having a little girl. We couldn’t be more excited! We’ve seriously grown up together, went through so many stages of life together... Now we get to be parents!!!

Because of him, I know what true love is. & he never lets me forget my worth. When I’m sick & uncomfortable through the night, he stays awake & talks me through it. Holds my hand. The way he talks about AND to this baby girl makes my heart melt. This is happiness 💕