Dimitri’s Birth Story

Miranda 💘 • Arlynn Jane 👼🏻, 🌈 Dimitri Nikolai born 6/26/19

On 6/25/19 o was due to be induced at 39 weeks due previously losing my daughter at 25 weeks last August.

I checked into the hospital and was shown to a room. My doctor wanted to put a Foley Balloon in first to dilate me more. When the balloon was inserted, I was 3cm. She said the balloon would be in for 12 hours or until it fell out. My cervix is towards the back so it made examining very painful as well as the Foley Ballon placement. After it was placed I started having cramps and contractions. I was given Fentanyl for the pain. About two hours after placement I sat down to go to the bathroom and my balloon had fallen out in the toilet. I was now about 5cm dilated. The doctor let me rest for the rest of the night and said they would start pitocin in the morning.

Around 9am the next day the nurse came and put a bag of fluids along with a pitocin drip into my IV. I was good for about an hour and then the contractions became unbearable. I asked for an epidural. My epidural was placed at about 11:30am. My doctor came in at noon to check my cervix and see how I was progressing. She also broke my water. She then came back around 3:00pm to check me again. She decided that I was fully dilated and I could push.

I started pushing at about 1pm. I was pushing slow and steady. It was very difficult and I was getting winded. I didn’t feel like my body was helping any. The epidural made it so my contractions were painless but I still had enough feeling to push. I spent hours pushing until I felt this huge burst of fluid and they told me he was finally out. The doctor placed him on my chest and I asked if I had tested. She said “Yes”. I have a second degree tear and 10 stitches. The doctor put some local anesthetic in and then stitched me up. While she was stitching me up the placenta popped out. The doctor then cleaned me up. My son Dimitri Nikolai was born at 5:35pm. He weighs 8lbs and 6oz. He is 21 inches long.