Breastfeeding problems PLEASE HELP!!

I really wanna breastfeed my baby. This is my first and he’s about 4 days old. While we was in the hospital we had to do both breast and formula because I wasn’t making enough and my milk hadn’t full came in so day 3 my milk came in and breast are sooooo full and hard I tried to breast feed him but he doesn’t stay on it, it’s like he doesn’t want it but he’ll take the formula and I keep trying but idk what to do. My breast hurt soo bad but nothing comes out when I pump but when I squeeze it some clear liquids comes out. I’ve had my nipples pierced but I took them out after having him and haven’t put them back idk if that could be the cause. But please if anyone has any advice please my boobs are killing 😭😭😭😭 and I really wanna breastfeed him. 💔