My mom is the most annoying person ever

We (as in my husband and I) are planning our babies baptism. Our plan is to invite my husband side of the family. And only a selected few of my side (like 2/3 people). My reasoning on why I want to pick and choose who to invite from my family is because I invited all of them to my baby shower and none showed up or sent well wishes (for the baby shower or when he was born) etc, so therefore I don’t see why I should invite them again. My mom is throwing to a fit cause I am not inviting anyone from my side. I told her to chill out and calm down, cause it’s my baby’s baptism and I’ll invite whom I want. She said I was being mean and inconsiderate. I apologize if she believed I was being mean to her but that I was not inviting anyone from my side, and that’s that. I believe I am being considerate on my reasoning 🤷🏻‍♀️ for not wanting to invite people whom til the day have not shown any concern with my baby. (My husband’s family all showed up to our baby shower and all reached out so many times pre, during and after birth.)