Pregnant again.... after two miscarriages I just can’t be excited


Turns out I fall pregnant very easily, but I just can’t get one that sticks. I’m currently first cycle post mmc at 11 weeks, 12dpo vvvvfl and today at 13dpo it’s Definately there. I want this so badly, I know I’m so fortunate to fall pregnant again, but I can’t help but be so scared. My pregnancy earlier this year I was due 3 weeks after my best friend, and this time, four weeks after my husbands best friend and his wife. How did you cope? What did you do differently? I eat healthy and am at a perfect BMI weight, I got told by my doctor two in a row was plain bad luck. I can’t cope with three in a row 😓 should I make a dr appt soon to test progesterone levels? Is that how it works? Any help or success on the third go would be much appreciated!