An interesting read on “early” potty training and “readiness”


We started potty training my 19 month old daughter couple weeks ago, she is diaper free except sleep times. It is going ok, pee is almost done- poop is still meh...but we are hopeful and will keep working on it. However similar to every other milestone before, as parents, we have been doubting ourselves if was it the right time? Or was she ready? Are we helping her or hurting her? So on and so forth... You know how it is...🤦🏻‍♀️ So during my research I ran into this great article answering all of my doubts. It explains how in 75 countries in the world today, people don’t use diaper and fully potty train their kids by 12 months😳 How our ancestors had to wash all of the cloth diapers anyway so they handled training as early as possible and we turned out fine😂and more importantly how diapers are filling our precious lands so fast and destroying our nature...

Anyway, I thought I should share incase anyone is also researching about it: