Big Move..

Hilary🌵 • Kade / Maci / River ❤️

Guys I need advice 😩

Hubby got a job offer three states away making double his salary now.. we’d be stupid not to accept it. Problem is they need him to start in two weeks.. I’m 33 weeks and high risk due to premature and small babies.

I’m stuck between moving down now or waiting until after baby is born. I just don’t want to be alone in case I go into labor! He’s going to fly back soon as anything happens, but I’d rather just be with him. Plus the stress of being away from him in the meantime can’t be good either!

Thing keeping me here is not wanting to burn my bridges with my job up here. I’m really close to everyone and just recently started a new position at a new office. Plus I could use the extra money to help with everything through the big move. Once he starts working we’ll be set but I’m a worry wart and want to be confident until then.

Also just trying to get everything packed and moved in only a few weeks is a lot!! Including moving our two horses and finding a facility for them down there.

What would you guys do??