Is he interested or not?!

I have a friend who we have been friends for 8 years we dated once for about a month but we were young before our permits young and lived in different cities. So we stayed friends we can talk for days on end talking about anything and everything, I’ve told him some deep stuff. Ever since we started talking I had such a crush on him so it sucked we couldn’t do it. Then he would get a gf and then I’d get a bf and we would forget about each other. Then I got a bf st 17 and got pregnant. He was still there for me. I’m 20 now and he’s gonna be 21 and I like him so much I have had a crush on him forever. I don’t tell him because I know he doesn’t like relationships and rather just be alone and single. But last night he said that again but with how he doesn’t know if he will have kids unless he finds the right person. But we can flirt a lot and when we are together it’s nothing but laughing and just being ourselves it’s pretty fun lol. He will say I’m pretty and that my eyes are pretty, he’ll say that he likes how much we have in common and he wouldn’t ever change me, idk if he’s just being a nice friend or if that’s flirting or talking sweet to me because I blush and get so excited when he says that makes me think maybe he’s interested!! But idk I don’t wanna talk to him about it yet