Tingling in Hands and Feet

Danielle • * Wife ~ Dog Mom ~ FTM of Archer Xavier 💙 11/28/2019 💙 *

I’m 19w2d and I woke up with some swelling in my hands. It definitely went down since this morning (I can take my rings on and off with only small effort) but wearing my rings is uncomfortable, so there definitely is a small bit of swelling going on. Since this morning I’ve had very mild tingling in my forearms and hands, and my lower legs and feet. It feels like the last few seconds of “pins and needles” but it’s been all day.

Has anyone heard of/dealt with this? Is this normal? I’m hoping it goes away by tomorrow. I just feel so weird.

UPDATE: I called my doctor! I’m still feeling the tingling and the swelling is still there but again, both are still very mild. I spoke with a nurse and the nurse practitioner. These are NOT signs of preeclampsia. I have no other symptoms, so they aren’t worried at all. The verdict is that the swelling is normal pregnancy swelling due to the heat and the sun I got all weekend (spent two days on the beach). The tingling is not pregnancy related, although is could be from the swelling. I am to monitor it and call my primary doctor if it persists for another day or two.

Thank you all for your input!