Really sad :(

My boyfriend of three years left me about five months ago. I didn’t know it was for someone else until now. For four months I would just cry and cry. I was heartbroken. I was just going through this horrible depression. But it started to get better. I stopped crying and I was okay. Then about three weeks ago he came back saying he missed me and wanted to talk. We hadn’t talked since he broke up with me. I missed him so much and I didn’t know that he broke up with me for someone else so of course I let him back in. Then we ended up having unprotected sex and god hope I’m not pregnant. Then he tells me he doesn’t have feelings for me and he realizes he never will again and there’s no way he can. Now I am so heart broke all over again and idek what to do. I just wish it would stop. I blocked him but it still hurts. And what if i am pregnant with his baby. It just hurts so much. He doesn’t even care about me and I thought he didn’t. Now everything is back to the way it was and I am horribly sad all over again. Idk what to do. It hurts so much worse than the first time because I didn’t know there was someone else.