Just gotta Vent

So today is no different then any other day except for the fact that I took a little time for me. I woke up next to my S.O. and my baby girl... So the baby and I wake up first I take her down stairs so my s.o. can sleep in about an hour later I go to check on him and he's awake but has his eyes closed. I ask if he's done sleeping he says yes so I lay down next to him and put my head on his chest. Ok what's my problem then??

The problem is it lasted less than 5 minutes and he's trying to get out of bed and move around all I wanted was 10minutes of alone time but nope... the baby started crying so i go to check on her and when i come back my S.O is dressed and active. He starts his day. He's on the computer, playing with our Daughter, up and down the stairs, in and out the house, ect.

I've worked 12hour shift the last few days and the only time we've seen each other is right b4 bed, so today was the only day that we could've spent some time together but he couldn't even give me 10minutes of his time.

And to add insult to injury he put everything on hold to do things for his parents and take our Daughter out on a walk. Now don't misunderstand He's a great father and I'm not complaining that he makes time for his child. I Just Wish I could get some of his time as well. Without having to bitch about it..

But anyway at this time I'm really upset so I leave and get a massage, a pedicure,my eyebrows on fleek and go shopping I come back; he doesnt even acknowledged the changes but instead asks me why I didn't get a manicure as well and calls me ghetto for liking and using and reusing my press on nails... WTF