12 weeks brown spotting ..

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I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my fourth pregnancy… I had two miscarriages One in 2016 ending at eight weeks and another pregnancy in 2017 pending closer to nine weeks...I was able to conceive again in 2017 and had a healthy baby boy in October 2018… My husband and I unexpectedly( but still very happy #?stressed but blessed) conceived again and we are now currently 12 weeks… However in the last two days I have had brown spotting when I wipe after using the bathroom… It is very light. However you can imagine the anxiety and fear I am having as I am of course imagining the worst as my last two previous miscarriages begin that way with some brown spotting… Are used my Doppler and I was able to pick up a heartbeat of 165 so I’m trying not to stress myself out… just wondering if any of you ladies had spotting like this at 12 weeks and still went on to have a healthy pregnancy?