boot camp next week..


my boyfriend leaves for boot camp for the navy on the 15th. I’m kind of geeking, so while he was spending time with his family I did some retail therapy.. and spent over $100 😂 (mostly at hobby lobby!) these are some things I got for him and for myself. nice stationary supplies including the adorable heart shaped wax sealer, a nice small leather address book he can take with him, and then a coin and a necklace from this catholic store. neither of us are at all religious, but I thought it’d be a nice gesture and it made me feel a little better. he said he can’t wait to be able to wear the necklace once he’s in A-school 😊 Michael is also his middle name lol. so here’s to finding ways of coping! wish me luck ladies!

“St Michael protect us in battle”- I think it looks pretty badass.