Advice please!!!


Hi girlies!

I was on a trip last week and ended up making out with this guy (multiple times) who I barely know but still whatever yolo. Anyway, I spent the night with him but nothing else happened. In the early morning he gave me a kiss on the forehead while I pretended to be asleep lol. And then he fell asleep again. So then later when he wakes up once again...there’s nothing. Like no reaction, nada. The whole day he just didn’t interact with me (we were in a big group btw) so I thought ok maybe tonight again😏😏. But no. I finally ended up confronting him (bc he was being a lil wuss) and asked him if we were gonna keep pretending like nothing happened or what???? He refered to our thing as a „one time thing“, „no feelings attached“, and that he „doesn’t want a relationship“.

And now I’m so confused. I feel like he used me, but I also used him. We both used each other but he might have used me more and I don’t know how to feel.

I mean I had fun and do not regret making out with him, I just didn’t expect that outcome. Like I expected more from him I guess.

(And why would he kiss me on the forehead like in those romance movies???? Like you don’t kiss someone passionately if you don’t want more.....)

Sorry, I’m 16 and new to this and just extremely confused and in need of advice.

I don’t know how to feel about it all.