❀ Nesting galore πŸ’™

Dani β€’ 🐻❀🐢🐢 Proud mama bear - πŸ’™Adrian born 11/08/2019

πŸ˜… I was wondering when it would hit me... we've been renovating our appartment for MONTHS and since March/April, when i was around 20 weeks, i've been buying baby stuff like crazy but i never seemed to have the energy to organize the nursery - we built a 2nd floor above what is now our livingroom, and there we have our huge bed, one big dresser and bubs' nursery, I feel proud of the space I managed to set up for him considering we have a pretty small appartment for now (saving up to build a proper house in a couple more years). Here's our little guy's set up:

Sooo ready to meet my little dude πŸ’™β€