Arm swaddle


Okay so clearly I’m not hip and up to date. I was thinking this morning how genius it would be for just an arm swaddle cause its hot summer and don’t need the full blanket. Turns out they have it! Does anyone have this and how does it work for you guys? My LO did the swaddle halo sleep sack in the beginning but usually broke out of it. He is good in the swaddle up but still has that startle reflex and can’t really sleep on his back well. I know he needs to be swaddled to sleep longer for naps but I just don’t know if it’s too late at this point but I wish I would have tried/has this arm swaddle when he was little. He’s going to be 11 weeks. What do you think should I buy it or just deal with it like I have been (cause he’ll have to learn anyways to sleep without it)?