Period and sex


So I had sex on the 10 of July and he didn’t wear a condom but I’m on birth control but the thing is I had lost a pack of my birth control and didn’t know where it was in June so I just opened a new pack so I had two periods last month anyway so the guy told me he didn’t cum inside me right but then he went back and told his friends he did cum inside me so I talk to my friend mom cuz I was scared and she said you would have known if he cummed cuz when he pulled out it would be all messy and I told her he was like scared to do anything so I had to make the first move and she was like well it’s seems he was so scared that he probably didn’t cum at all so I just want some of y’all opinion cuz ion know what it’s like for a dude to cum inside you and my birth control pills says I should have came on my period yesterday but my <a href="">eve</a> app says I’m not going have my period till the 22 of this month so can y’all please help me like do y’all think I could be pregnant or what? Y’all opinion would help a lot