Dirty house, no help, what to do🤬🤯🤦🏼‍♀️


A little forewarning this will be long and I hope at least one person reads all the way through to offer some helpful advice because I’m completely lost and frustrated at this point. I’m 17 and live with my dad and step mom. My sister switches between my mom and dads house but I no longer do that for another reason and my step sister (19) is home from college for the summer. Our house is currently under renovation so it’s messy to begin with, but ever since the renovation began my step mom has used that as an excuse to not clean. Now let me say, I don’t mind helping out at all. I’m a very clean person and actually enjoy it from time to time to relive stress. However I am cleaning and struggling ever single day to keep this house even decent! She will leave pots of rotting food on the counter for weeks until I decide to take it out. She will leave dinner out from the night before and not put it up. Currently there is something rotting in the fridge and I’ve already planned to clean that out tomorrow after work because I know no one else will. Today I came home and washed all the dishes, wiped everything in the kitchen and living room off, and organized the makeshift counters we have they everyone throws trash and junk on. Just that took me about an hour if not more because there was so much shit. She doesn’t go grocery shopping, I do that. When she does go grocery shopping she will literally buy juice, snack cakes, and cookies no joke. So if my dad, sister, and I want lunch for the upcoming week I will have to go out and get actual food to make for lunch. She goes to the store literally every night to buy things to cook for dinner. I have cleaned the laundry room multiple times and it always goes back to the way it was. Clothes and towels thrown on the floor instead of the two laundry hampers that are in there, and lint from the dryer thrown on top the dryer instead of in the trash. I wash, fold, and put away all the towels and blankets that need to be washed and I even wash my step sisters clothes because she will throw those on the floor as well and not wash them! I can’t talk to anyone about this because if something is said to her she will make it seem like she does so much and then start crying, and if I talk to my dad he will chose her side like always. I have HORRIBLE ocd and it’s literally killing me at this point to live here. I hate work and I’d rather be there than here. I’m so frustrated to the point of having insane mood swings and being irritated by everything anyone around me does. I don’t know what to do at this point!🥵😩