Anyone else hate breastfeeding??


Has anyone else had a bad experience with breastfeeding? When my daughter was born I tried to breastfeed. And this probably sounds a bit harsh but I absolutely... hated it. I found it incredibly painful and complicated. While I was healing from birth and becoming accostomed to being a new mother, my incredibly engorged, cracked, leaking breasts made everything so much more difficult. My baby didn't seem to like it much either,and she was ALWAYS hungry. Of course I wanted the best for my baby, and I loved my baby, but I found it so stressful to sit with her on my boobs all day, every day, while I cried in pain. A month in and I threw in the towel, and our lives became so much easier. I'm now pregnant with baby #2, and I have a lot of anxiety going through all that again. Has anyone chosen NOT to breastfeed or gone through a similar experience?