Please help me I am really worrying about this and I cant stop this overwhelming feeling

So about maybe 1 and a half to 2 years ago I started reading....provocative manga online. These included two males because thats what I'm into. But it never occurred to me that some of the characters in the manga could have been underage. And in some mangas they make the characters look young. I'm really panicking about this now incase the police find out and I get arrested or something. I need to know if i will get into trouble for this or not. If anything were to have happened it would have happened a while ago right?

And yes I know I have already made a post on this but I didn't get a lot of answers and my anxiety over it has just got worse if anything.

Btw I never downloaded the images or anything I just read the manga on my phone. I now have got a blocker on my phone that blocks any adult websites so I cant access it anymore to stop my worrying for the future but I need to know. I'm really freaking out here