Can you love and hate someone at the same time?

I have been with his since I was in high school and it’s never been easy. He was first my friend and then chose his girlfriend over me so I left him alone. He always came back and I was there when he needed it, but when I finally took ahold of my life started med-school and thought I found happiness I let him back. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. I quit med-school traveled across the continent and decided to give it my all once more. We have made it work, but at the start he still had feeling for his ex and even tried to be her friend, which I wasn’t sure how I felt about.

We finally found our happy place and we lost our twin babies and from there on two more pregnancy losses. We now fight all the time about stupid things and I feel like I hate, but love him. I’m getting counseling and he has just started to go see a psychologist also, but nothing is better. His mother hates me because I’m half Latina, but I’m also half European (like her.) she has gone so far to say I was having an affair with her husband. Of course that’s not true at all! I never had a father and he was like one for me (he no longer wants anything to do with me because of her.) she has told people my pregnancy was never true even after proving it to her with medical records. He stop talking to her for 4 months, but she is back now and she is full force making it hard again and we can’t stop fighting anymore. Has anyone been through this? I need help and advice!