6am and he’s still not home !

28 weeks pregnant and I’m just so tired of this shit.

My boyfriend got off work at 2am, he texted me at 2:24am and said he was getting pizza and will be home soon. I said something and his response at 2:45 was he’s drunk, so him and the other security guards got pizza.

It’s now fucking 4:35am and I haven’t heard from him at all. This isn’t his 1st time doing this. At one point we were always arguing because he was constantly drinking at work and coming home late. He doesn’t done this is awhile but and I’m so tired of this shit. At this point I can’t help but to feel like he’s cheating on me.

I already packed my bags, and called my mom and decided I’m going to leave instead of waiting to fly back home for my baby shower. I’m so pissed off because I knew the minute he would get a new car he would pull this shit!

Smh, I was just telling him earlier today how I had planned something big tomorrow for his birthday which isn’t even til the beginning of next month. What a waste of money, time, and effort.