Feel a bit alone

I'm struggling recently with anxiety. I had it in the past but it's got pretty bad at the moment. Sometimes I just want to tell someone how I feel to try and keep my mind off it.

I only really tell my boyfriend, and he wants me to tell him when I feel bad. But tbh I rarely tell him though because I find it hard to even say "I'm not okay" and I just don't want to be a burden.

The past few times recently I just feel like he doesn't really care. I try to talk to him about unrelated stuff to keep my mind off things and he just doesn't seem to wanna talk.

But I feel like if his friend was feeling the way I do he'd talk to them all day long. I know you should put friends first but I just feel so alone.

It makes my anxiety worse. I might be being selfish but it hurts.

I'm not looking for answers I just wanna say how I feel.