36 Weeks (Yesterday)

Brittany • Mom of a daughter 👩‍👧💜 Pregnant 🤰🏽 with 2nd daughter 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🤱🏽💜 due 08/17/19

It’s like when I hit 36 weeks (9 months) everything went crazy. It started with my heart racing and just feeling bad. I was heading to a work Saturday meeting and I had to take my 5 year old to my mom before and I told her what i was feeling and she checked my heat rate and it was up. She told me to sit down for a min and rest but I had to get to my meeting. I called my luv (that was out of town for nationals in NC and we live in GA) he wasn’t due to head back until today (Sunday) he got nervous and said he was leaving right then and there. I was feeling bad the whole time at the meeting and when I get back to my moms i kept telling her something wasn’t right. His sister called me and i told her what was going on and she said I need to be seen. Long story shorten I went to L and D got hooked up blood pressure was up so I had to stay for an hour on my left side to be monitored. I’m 1cm dilated and baby is going good. I thought I was having contractions because I had this pain that would come and go every few minutes but she said it was just baby moving. Doctor came to visit me and said she wanted me to do 24 hr urine test again and go from there. I want baby to stay in as long as possible but If i keep feeling bad and it’s okay for her to come out then I’m ready. Dad finally got home around 11pm that night and held me all night 🤗😘