"One in a melon" theme party for black child....

Susie.Carmichael • 🌻nikki🌻

So a discussion came up in a group dedicated to parents of biracial children....

A white mother of a half black child planned a first birthday for her child. Theme being "one in a melon 🍉 ". Example below in pic.

Well she says that her daughters father who is black, refuses to attend or have anything to do with it, saying it is racist since the child is half black.

Referring to the stereotype about black people and watermelon.

Debate question: Should the mom not use this theme because of a racist stereotype?

As a black person, I just find this stupid. I find it dumb to let a stereotype control you like that. So I guess black people, I guess I shouldn't even eat watermelon, or fried chicken? I guess I shouldn't wear my hair natural since it's supposed to be "nappy".

Why would you let a racist stereotype hold you back in that way?

Wouldn't that be giving in to racism, allowing it to control you? It is imo.

Edit: The mother and father are not together the mother just had invited the father to their child's party.