My Cytotec Experience

I wanted to share my experience since I’ve read so many horror stories online...

Last week I went in for my dating US at 7w3d and the baby was measuring 6w1d with no HB. After monitoring my hcg and another US we confirmed pregnancy was nonviable. Yesterday morning my dr gave me the typical three options (wait, dnc, or meds). I had a D&C last year which went smoothly but was very expensive so this time I opted for meds.

I inserted four 200mg Cytotec vaginally at 6:15pm last night. I also took a Percocet and Zofran at the same time. A couple hours later I had some mild cramping and bleeding (not enough to soak a pad).

Around 10:30 the cramping was increasing so I took another Percocet. I was still only lightly spotting however when I’d sit on the toilet blood would come out.

At 11:30 I passed several larger clots in the toilet (about the size of a lime). It felt like bubbles coming out.

Every hour I’d get up and go on the toilet. More bleeding but no more clots.

Around 1am the cramps got worse, but since I’d taken the pain meds they were manageable. I couldn’t imagine doing it without the meds. It was definitely like labor contractions.

At 3am I went to the bathroom thinking I was going to poop. I was sitting on the toilet realized I was actually pushing something out. That’s when I passed the sac. After that the contractions ending, but I still had some sharp pains and felt sore in my vagina from the pushing. The bleeding hasn’t been as bad since I passed what I believe was the sac. I’m still not bleeding bad enough to fill a pad.

I go tomorrow morning for another US to confirm I’ve passed everything. If I have, I must say it was a lot easier than I thought. I wanted to share my experience because I’d read so many horror stories and was terrified.