Wanting to get myself back


So 5 years ago I got into an accident and now have a Traumatic Brain Injury and 25+ symptoms and other medical issues that came from just a simple hit to the head. I used to be an athlete and super healthy and felt pretty decent about myself.

Well fast forward being injured and sick, under weight and losing my figure, up and downs with acne, and then tricked into being liked/being called pretty to just be ended up being assaulted multiple times but different guy friends.

It’s affected my motivation to take care of myself and my anxiety and depression.

But I truly want to get better and look better again. Over come my disability and feel like my old self again, maybe even own my sexuality again. I’m in my 20’s and I just want to be able to look in the mirror and be satisfied looking back at least.

So my question is Does anyone have any recommendations on over coming your disability/mental illnesses and feeling better about yourself? Or not allowing your assault decide on how you feel you look? Much appreciated.