Scary news

My husband and I are only 24 years old. He's been having abdomen pain for 4 months now. The doctors haven't been able to figure out what is wrong with him after multiple CTs, MRIs, xrays, and tests. Finally they just decided to look endoscopically, meaning he had to have a colonoscopy. Actual reaction of my husband:

I took him in for the procedure, doctors and nurses said everything went well, and I was informed that a 6mm polyp was removed. Because they removed it, they had to send it in for testing. "But don't worry! Most of the time these polyps are benign."

Got the call yesterday from the doctor. Everything looked great except for that polyp. The 6mm polyp that they removed was pre-cancerous. If we would have waited, my husband could've had colon cancer before he was even 30 years old...

That was probably one of the scariest things I've heard. It's terrifying when the person that you love most in this world could possibly have cancer. He has to get a colonoscopy done every 5 years now. Thankfully he claimed that his pain is getting so much better. It's more manageable and it's no longer interfering with his daily life. Hopefully my husband can return to doing the job that he loves the most in this world rather than doing the scut work.