How can I make it out in the real world 😢

I’m 18, recently graduated, started working but trying to go to college. I got accepted into the school of my dreams that is 2 hours away. My mom and I have been falling out so much, she wants to get rid of me & I don’t want to be here anymore. I was trying to stay on her good side because she was going to help me pay for some college stuff, but I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired of her emotional abuse and hurtful words EVERY DAY. She expects a simple “sorry, I love you” to fix this but I’ve been dealing with this for 12 YEARS. I got offered a position as manager at my job. I can make more money, move out, but I wouldn’t have a place to stay at or transportation besides Uber or bus. Which Uber is expensive and I am terrified of going on buses, especially because I don’t understand how their routes work. I can’t stick it out any longer, she’s manipulative and controlling. I can’t even be at work without her blowing up my phone asking at what time I’m getting out. I really want to move out but idk how I’ll make it out there 🥺 help.