Forced Breathalyzer At Work!!!


I just experienced the most invasive bullshit at work yesterday. Here’s the situation..

I’m at work just like normal & suddenly my supervisor comes to me & says HR just called. So I walk to the office, sit down & wait. I’m racking my brain wondering what on earth this could be about. The lady walks in & takes me back to her office. She immediately asks me “are you drunk?” I was FLOORED!!!! She continues “are you drinking in the bathroom?? We’ve received information that your drinking in the bathroom & been observed intoxicated”

You guys I haven’t had a drink in YEARS!!!

She then walks over & grabs her purse & tells me if I want to keep my job I have to undergo a breathalyzer test. She continues walking & I had to demand several times for her to finally tell me where she was trying to take me.

It was so awful, I was in complete shock!! We arrive at the testing place & of course they cant conduct the test so we have to drive to another location. I was in the car/being forced to this nonsense by this lady from 11-12:50. She was extremely cold the entire time. Once she saw my results (0.00) her entire demeanor changed. She was talking to me, smiling, etc. It was clear she assumed i was guilty.

It’s absolutely insane to me that someone can say anything they want & they will force you to drug/alcohol screenings. The only proof she supposedly has is me coming out of that particular bathroom where something (wouldn’t say what) was found after I left. Which btw is a blatant lie! Not to mention I work in a HUGE building with tons of people. The building operates 24/7 so whatever was found could have been left there from the night shift. If anything was even found. Her story kept changing which was really suspicious. When I got to work this morning my managers asked where I was & what happened. When I told them the story they were livid!!!

So anyway I’ve never gone through something like this EVER!! Has anyone else?