Signs of pregnancy


My husband and I recently tried to get pregnant for our first time, we had sex everyday in my fertility window and I have never been on birth control. I have stopped drinking alcohol and took prenatal vitamins a month before we tried. Fast forward to the week after ovulation and my boobs were sore/sensitive for a whole week before my period was supposed to come. This Sunday before my period was supposed to come I started to spot but it was brown and only happened once. On Monday I was spotting all throughout the day and it continued to be brown. On Tuesday I had extremely light blood flow, it wasn’t even enough to fill a pad. And today (Wednesday) I got a period that’s lighter than usually and still have brown spotting with the blood flow and cramps. I have taken a pregnancy test but I took it a week after ovulation so I may have taken it too early. Is there a chance that I still may be pregnant?