Pressured to get on birth control!!!

Grace 💓

Okay so, my boyfriend told his mom that me and him were having sex - cool. My mom was cleaning out my car and found a condom wrapper in it. (She didnt know I wasn’t a virgin). She hasn’t said anything to me, but my bf mom and her have been talking and ig they want me on birth control...

I was on birth control 2 years back and I HATEDDD what it did to me. How I kept bleeding, and how my emotions were literally all over the place. They want me on birth control because we are both going to college on the 10th! Me and my boyfriend use condoms faithfully!! I just dislike birth control because of the reasons I listed and I’m also scared it’s gonna mess up my fertility.

This screenshot is her telling me I need to tell my mom I’m not w virgin and she’s pressuring me to get on bc.. (my boyfriends mom)