Evening primrose oil

Karley • 27. RN 💉 Married 💍 Pregnant with a baby boy 💙 Due 10/23/19🎃

Has anyone ever taken EPO starting at 35 weeks? I saw a midwife today instead of my normal Dr for my 30 week appointment and I told her I would really just love to avoid being induced, of course if I get to 41 weeks and still no baby I’m all for it but I just want things to happen naturally. She told me to take EPO starting at 35 weeks to soften the cervix and then start eating 3-4 dates a day starting at 36 weeks. I thought the EPO at 35 weeks was kind of aggressive, that’s still kind of early. Idk how immediate that stuff works but I’m thinking I’ll avoid that and just try the dates starting at 36 weeks. What are your thoughts on the EPO ladies?