I’m too young to have a baby!!!

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So me and my partner were having sex initially with a condom and then it snapped and we didn’t have any more so we just continued raw. He did pull out but I don’t know if he did on time and if some may have gone in. I didn’t manage to get my hands on a morning after pill either as the only way for me is to see a nurse but I was going away with my family the next day and of course I didn’t want them to find out. About 8 days after the sex I was bleeding and assumed my period came but it was early as heck. It lasted only a day and I didn’t get any more blood after that. I looked up online “1 day period” and it said that it happens usually a few days after the egg has been fertilised. So I freaked out and saw my nurse the next day. She worked some stuff out with dates and my period and said that the chances of me getting pregnant was very low because I wasn’t ovulating and I wouldn’t of had an egg to fertilise. My period was due yesterday but there has still been no sign of it. Im supposed to be going back to see her next Thursday to take a pregnancy test and if I’m not pregnant I will be getting an implant. But I’m shit scared. I’m only 16, my parents are Islamic and I’m not supposed to be having sex. If they found out I could be pregnant they may actually throw me out. So the only option for me would be to get an abortion which I’m also afraid of. I have no idea what happens and how it works 😥😥