I’m a horible mom.


I’m not kidding. I really am. I am SO petrified of my daughter, I can’t even be near her before I start shaking uncontrollably. I can’t stand to hear her cries, I get angry. I don’t feel love for her, I feel fear. And when she cries, I feel anger. My shaking and anxiety is so bad, I left her in the care of my aunt. Why am I feeling like this?? Is this normal?? Do I really hate my child?? I was elated the first couple of days, but after the second day, I started going CRAZY. Not even joking. I can’t think straight, I went from 154 to 130 in 2 weeks because I can’t eat whatsoever. My fear of my baby consumes me to the point where I am no longer functional. I’m so close to going to a really dark place in my mind and never going back. I think I’m going into a state of psychosis. I don’t know anymore. Someone please help me.