Is this normal or am I clingy?

So I've been with my boyfriend on and off for 5 years. When we rekindled things, it was amazing! We were talking every day, going on dates, I'd give him time to himself etc. I love a bit of me time so I don't always bombard him with texts or calls. He normally calls me at the end of the day after work.

The last 2 days he has not messaged nor called me. I messaged him asking him an unrelated question. He saw it and never responded. Today he has not said a word to me at all.

Now I can't help but to feel like he doesn't love me. I really don't know why he's avoiding me. Spoke to my mum and best friend. Both said I'm being clingy and should give him space. It's not even like I talk to him all day every day. Like I said. I always wait for him to ring me after work or when he's not busy.

Lately he hasn't been ringing me or texting me. I'll have to text him first to check up on him. I just feel hurt and unwanted atm.

Am I being unreasonable? Be honest. Thank you in advance 🤗