Missed miscarriage


Unfortunately on Thursday I had to undergo a D&C for a missed miscarriage at almost 9 weeks I had no symptoms of a miscarriage at all except some back pain and I had a strong feeling something wasn’t right. I went to the OB who said that my baby looked great and had actually grown a lot since the 7 week scan. Meaning that the baby’s heart had potentially stopped beating only on Wednesday. I was sent for another scan which confirmed the same and that night underwent the procedure. To say I am devastated is an understatement. I went to get pregnant as soon as possible in the hope that the next little one will stick and will be healthy.

I had been reading posts in this group where there was a lot of talk of miscarriage and suspected miscarriages and my advice to all of you ladies out there is if you feel something isn’t right go and get checked out because sometimes a mother intuition knows best.

My question to all of you out there is have you been in this situation? how long after did you have a healthy pregnancy?

Happy and healthy pregnancy blessings to you all.